For more than a decade, we have been in the business of  providing exceptional repair services to the telecommunications community in Malaysia and the Asian Region.

    We are deeply committed to giving priority to your needs while maintaining mutually supportive relationships with you to help develop new opportunities. We believe that motivation and knowledge are essential, and we will develop relationships with you to affirm your potential and enable you to be more effective at what you do.

    Our offer of cheaper rates, faster turn-around-time, and support of obsolete products virtually guarantee substantial cost savings for you in both the short and long term.

Listed below are the various types of equipment/instruments that we have repaired previously.

Types of Microwave Repaired:

1) Ericsson
2) Alcatel
3) Harris
4) Siemens
5) Huawei
6) SM
7) NEC

Types of BTS Repaired, Test & Refurbish:

1) Motorola
2) Huawei
3) Ericsson

  Types of test equipment/instrument repaired:

1) Signal Generator, 
2) Amplifier,
3) Spectrum Analyzer,
4) Power Meter,
5) Network Analyzer,
6) Vector Scope,
7) Function Generator,
8) SDH/PDH Analyzer,
9) Communication Analyzer,
10) Component Test Equipment,
11) Oscilloscope,
12) Audio/Video Signal Generator, 
13) Audio/Video Analyzer
14) others




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