Having been in the market for more than 10 years, MCTEC has a solid reputation for providing high quality, reliable, and efficient services to our customers.

From refurbishment to repair, we have serviced most makes and models of microwave radio systems, BTS, modules, components and rectifiers/power supplies.

Our dedicated team of experienced engineers and technicians are fully committed to ensuring that you keep your existing equipment online and in good working order for longer! Instead of investing in a new system, just repair or refurbish your old equipment to stretch your investment.


We have invested in three repair labs and two warehouses with ample storage space, in order to better serve you.

Our labs consists of

1. Power lab to handle power modules and rectifiers.

2. Microwave and BTS lab to handle MW / BTS radio equipment.

3. Test equipment lab to handle repair of test equipment.

  We are committed to providing the highest quality repair service, with effective project management to handle all challenges dealing with logistics, and outstanding customer service.

As part of our drive to achieve this, we subscribe to the quality statement of "Doing It Right The First Time"